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Redeem your Gold Bowls Gold Mugs

Redeem your Gold Bowls Gold Mugs

Redeem your Gold Bowls Gold Mugs.
Let’s welcome more Golden Fortune into your home with these gold items in a golden celebration.

To celebrate a Golden Chinese New Year this year, 100Plus brings you a prosperity and happiness year with Limited Edition 100PLUS Original Gold Cans and 100PLUS Original Gold 1.5L Bottles. That’s not all, you can redeem your Gold Bowls and Gold Mugs with every purchase of the limited edition 100Plus original gold cans (per carton) to welcome a Golden Fortune year.

If you purchase the original 100plus gold cans at hypermarkets like Giant, Cold storage, Tesco, Mydin, Econsave and Aeon Big; you can get the 100PLUS Original Gold 1.5L Bottle for Free but not the collectible 100Plus Gold Bowls and Gold Mugs.

How to redeem your Gold Bowls Gold Mugs?
Simply purchase one (1) carton of limited edition 100plus original gold cans at Aeon & AEON Max Valu and redeem your favourite gold mug.

To redeem the gold bowl, you have to purchase a carton of the original 100plus gold cans at 99speedmart.

Interested? Visit your nearest participating outlet and buy one today.

100plus, established from a sport drinks to marathon runners to become the essential hydration drink.

#24 X 325ml Per Cartoon

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