AirAsia celebrates Anniversary Sale with all-in fares from RM18 and Discounts

AirAsia celebrates its 17th year by offering a special anniversary promotion to bring people around the region closer together.

To celebrate the milestone, AirAsia is offering promotional fares from only RM18* all-in one-way fare from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, Penang, Kuala Terengganu and more when you book your flights at AirAsia Platform. Enjoy awesome discounts in hotels, SNAP (flight & hotel packages), activities, deals, and baggage up to 18% off.

You can also reach more destinations through non-AirAsia flights like Auckland, Madrid, Istanbul, Doha, and many more on AirAsia website! (NOTE: You have to choose from KLIA, not KLIA2)

The anniversary promotion is available for booking from now until 1 December 2019 for travel between 27 April 2020 to 2 March 2021. AirAsia has a carry-on luggage allowance of 7kg. AirAsia’s advertised fares do not include checked-in baggage allowance, travel insurance, in-flight meals and other fees and charges.

South East Asia
🇹🇭 Thailand
Kuala Lumpur — Hatyai One Way RM108 +Return RM262
Kuala Lumpur — Phuket One Way RM58 +Return RM162
Kuala Lumpur — Krabi One Way RM58 +Return RM115
Kuala Lumpur — Bangkok One Way RM108 +Return RM262
Kuala Lumpur — Pattaya One Way RM58 +Return RM115

🇻🇳 Vietnam
Kuala Lumpur — Ho Chi Minh One Way RM88 +Return RM241
Kuala Lumpur — Phu Quoc One Way RM88 +Return RM213
Kuala Lumpur — Hanoi One Way RM118 +Return RM330
Kuala Lumpur — Danang One Way RM108 +Return RM272
Kuala Lumpur — Nha Trang One Way RM108 +Return RM240

🇮🇩 Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur — Jakarta One Way RM108 +Return RM237
Kuala Lumpur — Lombok One Way RM148 +Return RM317
Kuala Lumpur — Bali One Way RM148 +Return RM323
Kuala Lumpur — Surabaya One Way RM168 +Return RM363

Kuala Lumpur — Perth One Way RM298 +Return RM743
Kuala Lumpur — Melbourne One Way RM348 +Return RM823
Kuala Lumpur — Gold Coast One Way RM318 +Return RM751

Kuala Lumpur — Male One Way RM298 +Return RM715

Kuala Lumpur — Guang Zhou One Way RM238 +Return RM465
Kuala Lumpur — Chong Qing One Way RM218 +Return RM425
Kuala Lumpur — Shang Hai One Way RM308 +Return RM605
Kuala Lumpur — Beijing One Way RM358 +Return RM705
Kuala Lumpur — Cheng Du One Way RM248 +Return RM485
Kuala Lumpur — Kun Ming One Way RM218 +Return RM425
Kuala Lumpur — Guilin  One Way RM228 +Return RM445
Kuala Lumpur — XiAn One Way RM218 +Return RM425
Kuala Lumpur — Hang Zhou One Way RM408 +Return RM805
Kuala Lumpur — Chang Sha One Way RM228 +Return RM445

Kuala Lumpur — Hong Kong One Way RM178 +Return RM406

Kuala Lumpur — Macau One Way RM178 +Return RM365

Kuala Lumpur — Kao Siung One Way RM268 +Return RM531
Kuala Lumpur — Taipei One Way RM298 +Return RM591

Kuala Lumpur — Sapporo One Way RM518 +Return RM1047
Kuala Lumpur — Taipan One Way RM348 +Return RM779
Kuala Lumpur — Tokyo One Way RM418 +Return RM905
Kuala Lumpur — Fukuoka One Way RM318 +Return RM642

Kuala Lumpur — Jeju One Way RM278 +Return RM568
Kuala Lumpur — Seoul One Way RM318 +Return RM666

AirAsia Anniversary Birthday Sale

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