FREE WhatsApp Chat on ROKKI-enabled AirAsia flights

FREE WhatsApp Chat on ROKKI-enabled AirAsia flights.

You can now WhatsApp your family and friends for FREE on board.

Simply connect to ROKKI Wi-Fi for FREE during your flight to enjoy these offerings and more!

FREE WhatsApp Chat

Flexiroam offers you FREE WhatsApp Chat on ROKKI-enabled AirAsia flights. To redeem it, all you have to do is enter your name & email address in the ROKKI Portal during your flight.

You will need your mobile phone or tablet with Wi-Fi capabilities to use the service (laptops are currently not supported). To get connected, simply connect to ‘Free AirAsia ROKKO WiFi’ on your mobile device.

Once connected, you will be automatically redirected to visit the ROKKI Portal at to enjoy free in-flight entertainment. However, ROKKI Wi-Fi service is available on selected AirAsia flights only.

How to redeem your FREE WhatsApp Chat on ROKKI-enabled AirAsia flights?

Step 1: Connect to ‘Free AirAsia ROKKO WiFi’ & visit
Step 2: Tap on Flexiroam microsite
Step 3: Enter name and email address
Step 4: Tap on ‘Redeem Free Internet’
Step 5: You’ll be redirected to WhatsApp. Send message to Flexiroam Chatbot
Step 6: Tap on link in Flexiroam Chatbot’s message reply
Step 7: You’re connected!  Start using your WhatsApp now

Flying soon? Check Status Here if your flight has Wi-Fi 

What is ROKKI? ROKKI is AirAsia’s on-board Wi-Fi that offers in-flight entertainment, connectivity services and eCommerce platform. Through own personal device, passengers can enjoy FREE access to to watch movies, play games, check out the Travel360 magazine or grab some in-flight shopping deals, and more!

You can also get Internet access to surf the web and use your favourite apps by purchasing a ROKKI Plan.


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