GSC Announces Upgraded Website and App Launch

GSC announces Upgraded Website and App Launch.

GSC has just announced the launch of  its upgraded website and app. According to the announcement on its official Facebook page, all members will need to sign up again with a brand-new account in order to book and purchase tickets, as the existing GSC account will no longer be valid. You may use the same email to sync your purchase history.

Customers not happy with the newly redesigned website and app:

Joel Lxx: My proud loooong list of GSC e-ticket movie history is now all gone! Why?? ūüė≠ūüė≠

ES: “I can’t locate the birthday voucher, can’t locate asterisk * movie. No more member birthday rewards??!!

Azila: I seriously don’t like this so called “upgraded” version. More like downgraded really.. Not easy to navigate.. Why need to change because previous version is so much better and user-friendly.. Also, there is no birthday voucher..but I did print out the voucher.. This month is my birthday.. Can I still use the voucher?

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